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Hooser at Sept. 9, 2012 event:
Experience/Accomplishments, Act 55 PLDC, Drug Abuse/Treatment, Coco Palms Hotel, Food & Energy Security, Pesticide/Herbicide Issues

On 2491, the chemical companies' agenda and the little island that could

At Kintaro Restaurant on Kauai - Gary Hooser, Claudette Hooser, Leeona Thompson and Dylan Hooser At Kintaro Restaurant on Kauai
L-R: Gary Hooser, Claudette Hooser, Leeona Thompson and Dylan Hooser

The Hooser Story
Above: complete 30 minute version of "The Hooser Story".
Hear remarks from Claudette, Kelli-Rose, Dylan Hooser
and community leaders from around the State. Produced in 2010

Click here to watch edited 6 minute version

GaryHooser's Blog
Thoughts, Analysis and Ramblings

November 30, 2014
The Hawaii Movement – Catalyzing Change, Empowering Communities – The H.A.P.A. Plan
Aloha, As President of the Board of Directors for the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action (H.A.P.A.). I would like to invite you to join our movement for change and to help if you can. http://www.hapahi.org We are at a particularly … Continue reading

November 16, 2014
Doing the Hooser Happy Dance (s), The Maui Miracle and More
The Kauai County Council election is an “at large election” with the top 7 vote getters being elected to serve as councilmember’s. At 9:45pm on Tuesday the 4th of November I was sitting solidly at #11 and essentially looking for … Continue reading

November 3, 2014
On changing the world – starting here, now and with you.
Aloha, Most of us at some time or another in our life want to change the world. Some of us hang on to that dream and others drop it quickly by the wayside as if its pursuit was frivolous and … Continue reading

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